FAQ - Anwers to general questions

Who is Mein Papa kommt?
Mein Papa kommt - in English Daddy is coming - is an initiative of the non-profit organisation Flechtwerk 2+1 gGmbH. The initiative offers non-resident fathers and mothers the following support services:
  • free accommodation in private homes at the child's place of residence so that the non-resident parent can have regular contact with the child despite the geographical distance and the financial constraints. 
  • a temporary children room, where non-resident dads and mums can have undisturbed quality time with their kids to tinker, cuddle and play - almost like at home! 
  • tailored parental coaching and practical help for everyday life.  
Who is Flechtwerk 2+1 gGmbH?
Flechtwerk 2+1 is a non-profit limited (Ltd) company and the provider of the initiative Mein Papa kommt. The organisation was founded in 2012 by Annette Habert, a religious education teacher, and sociologist Jobst Münderlein. Flechtwerk 2+1 gGmbH is located in Munich. Annette Habert is an Ashoka-fellow, the initiator of Mein Papa kommt und partner of Flechtwerk 2+1 gGmbH. Jobst Münderlein is managing partner. Both know about the concerns and problems of families with two parental homes from their own experience. Dr. Franziska Giffey, German Federal Minister of Family Affairs, is Patron of the initiative. In April 2012 Mein Papa kommt was awarded with the prize Bundespreis von startsocial by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and in 2017 was award winner of the  Ausgezeichnete Orte im Land der Ideen.
How do Mein Papa kommt and Flechtwerk 2+1 help children? 
With our support services we maintain and strengthen the parent-child relationship with both parents despite the separation or divorce of the parents, the geographical distance and financial constraints.
How is Mein Papa kommt financed? Who are the sponsors and partners of Flechtwerk 2+1?
The membership fees from fathers and mothers cover our costs only to a small extent. Mein Papa kommt depends on grants and donations. Our main sponsors are the non-profit organisations Ashoka and auridis gGmbH. The Ashoka Germany gGmbH is a non-profit organisation supporting social entrepreneurs and start-ups. The auridis gGmbH is a non-profit organisation of the ALDI SÜD corporation which sponsors initiatives in the field of early childhood development. Numerous additional sponsors and pro-bono partners have helped us to establish our supporting services for children with two parental homes and their separated parents. 
What is outside the scope of Mein Papa kommt?
We do not solve conflicts in the couple relationship. We do not take party. We do not get involved in ongoing legal procedures. But, we can provide orientation and refer to qualified lawyers, mediators and counselling institutions. Furthermore, we provide tailored parental coaching for multi-location family settings. 
Which custody model is the best?
Our concern is the well-being of the child. Whatever the model (dual residency, primary residency) chosen and agreed upon by the parents, our engagement and services focus on the actual everyday practice. 
What about the use of my personal data?
Respecting and protecting your personal data is important to us. Personal data are information relating to a person e.g. your name, your address, your phone number and E-Mail. Information not directly related to a person are not personal data. We use your personal data only for the purpose in question or for the purpose for which you have given us your agreement.




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