FAQ - answers for parents

Who can become member of Mein Papa kommt (English = daddy is coming)?
The supporting services of Mein Papa kommt are targeted at non-resident fathers and mothers that want to assume parental responsibility and cultivate secure attachment with their child after divorce or separation. 
How can I access the services of Mein Papa kommt?

You can access the services of Mein Papa kommt via registration on our website. At registration give us some details about your situation and requirements (e.g. age of your child, custody arrangements, special requirements). We will contact you shortly after registration.

What is the cost of a membership? What services can I expect?
The membership fee costs 12,- EURO per month and allows you to use all our supporting services: free accommodation, temporary children rooms and tailored parental coaching. You can terminate your membership on a monthly basis after your first overnight stay at a private host. 
What happens if you cannot find a suitable host at the place of residence of my child?
Our success rate is over 90 %. Should we however fail to find a suitable host after you have signed-up for membership and within 8 weeks of your first specific visit request, we will exempt you from your membership fee and contact you as soon as we have found a new option.
Do you have a host at my child's place of residence?
Mein Papa kommt is available across Germany. If in the proximity of your child's place of residence we have not yet a host, we will start looking for a host for you! Enter the postal code and/or name of town on our website and you will see the hosts available to you. 
Who are the hosts and how do you find them?

Our honorary hosts have all one thing in common: they understand the longing of children for secure attachment to both parents. Therefore they offer free-of-charge accommodation in their homes. The accommodation the hosts provide can be either the rooms of their own children, who have already grown up and left home, a guestroom or sometimes simply a sleeping couch. 


We find our honorary hosts in a variety of ways: via publications in local / national newspapers and media, friends and families of our community members and via our social media channels. 

How do I get in touch with the host?
  1. Once we have got to know your situation and requirements and you have become member of our community, we will check our existing network for a suitable host. Should we not have a suitable host in our network who lives in the proximity of your child's place of residence, we start looking for one. Our success rate is over 90 % - in 9 out of 10 cases we find a suitable host within 4 weeks!
  2. As soon as we have identified a host, we will contact you.  
  3. If both sides agree and the host invites you to stay at his/her home, we will forward your name and contact details to the host.  
  4. Once you require accommodation, you contact your host directly with a specific visit request. Your visit request should reach the host at least 10 days before your date of arrival.
  5. You and your host directly discuss the details and arrangements of your visit.   

Should you need more information, don't hesitate to contact us during working hours at our toll-free hotline 0800 / 21 21 777 for national calls or at +49 89 929 28 396 for international calls. You can also reach us via E-Mail at info@flechtwerk-ggmbh.de

Can I bring my child to stay overnight at the host's home?
Many hosts offer this possibility. Once you sign-up for membership, let us know your specific requirements. We will then identify a host that offers this possibility right from the start.  
How many nights can I stay at the host's home?
As a general rule you can stay 2 nights per visit, at least 3 times a year. But many hosts are more than happy to welcome you more often. Let us know right from the start of your membership what your general requirements are so that we can identify the most suitable host for you.
Can I stay at my host when I have an appointment at the youth welfare office or family court?
Yes certainly. You can take advantage of free accommodation also for these purposes. Let your host know in time about your arrangements. If your host is not available, let us know - we will look for an alternative.
Can I change host?
Yes, in rare cases it might be necessary to change host. Tell us, if this is your case. We will treat your feedback confidentially. In many places we have several hosts.
Do I have a room for myself?
Get in touch with us, we will give you details about your host's type of accommodation. Our hosts normally offer separate rooms for you and your child.
What is a temporary children room?
Your membership allows you to use our temporary children rooms. These are rooms that can be used to play and cuddle with your child during daytime. The rooms are normally located in local kindergartens, family-friendly organisations or at our private hosts. Enter the postal code and/or name of town on our website to find out where we can offer you this service.
Do I have to bring something when I stay at my host?
Your appreciation of their dedication would be wonderful! Maybe a thank-you card, a flower …. surely you come up with even better ideas! The host will provide you with free accommodation and a breakfast coffee - it is a big help for some hosts if you bring your own linen and towel.
Do I have to have a special kind of insurance?
Get in touch with us, we will provide you with information about your personal liability insurance. 


FAQ - answers for parents